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It is a simple fact of farm life that if you breed animals half are boys and half are girls. In many large commercial herds the boys are seen as a burden and are promptly despatched, but not here at Pembrokeshire Goats.


We raise, love and spoil the whole herd together. It's more natural. We do not hide the fact we raise our boys for meat. However, not before they have a great life here being loved by us all.  When the time comes we take them in small numbers to a local family butcher and abattoir nearest to our farm.  They share our values and concerns for animal welfare and is very particular that every animal in their care meets a swift and stress-free end. Customers often ask about where the boys go, and we tell them. We are proud of how we do it. We can think of no better way; give them a natural, happy life then a peaceful end. We raised them; we owe it to them.



Our herd is made up of British Toggenburgs, Sannans, and a few Nubians we know the name and personality of every single member of our little goat family, everyone is loved and thoroughly spoilt. They are only fed fodder from our own farm which is GM and chemical free. They have a very high health status which all results in delicious milk to be used in our cheese making. We work closely with the girls at Carmarthen vets to ensure all our goats are always healthy and happy.



The milk is transported the short journey to our purpose built cheese making dairy, here milk is pasteurised and carefully transformed into delicious cheese, using vegetarian rennet. All moulds are filled by hand and individually turned making it much more labour intensive, but such superior quality, we think it is worth it.


We offer a range of cheese, all soft styles, with the exception of Halloumi, but they all have distinctive flavours and charecteristics.


Our Blue cheese is aged for a minimum of two months, to allow it to develop rich, complex and robust flavour notes. It has a mild balanced creamy finish.


Our Brie cheese has an edible bloomy rind, it’s perfectly tasty, soft, creamy and mild which becomes more earthy with age.


Our Ffeta cheese is crumbly and creamy to texture, with a sharp clean taste I deal for use in salads. Ffeta is also available hand rolled in either Chilli or Garlic and Herb.



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